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Automatic Swing Doors

GT 300 Overhead Concealed Swing
GT System 300 works all day, handling your heaviest pedestrian traffic - and you won’t even know it’s there!
The system’s new equipment options enable a user to individually tailor the construction and operation of a door to meet specific needs.

Product Features:
• Door control package meets ANSI standards for sensor packages, such as the Acusensor 1B or Optex Pro-Swing Elite sensor packages
• Mechanical operator provides smooth operation with a choice of micro-processor or basic electronic controllers
• The door is supported by heavy duty pivots on the top and bottom of the door frame instead of on the operator shaft, allowing for convenient servicing without having to remove the door.

GT 400 Surface Mount Conversion Unit.
GT System 400 Conversion Kit is a surface mounted system designed to work with existing door applications and other independent door systems - identical to the GT 300, except for mounting.

Product Features:
• Surface mounted systems provides hassle-free automatic operation
• Works with existing or new door applications
• New mechanical operator provides efficient, smooth operation with the microprocessor
• Meets ANSI standards when used with Acusensor1B or Optex Pro-Swing Elite sensor pkg