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Low Energy / Handicap Doors

GT 500 Low Energy ADA Swing
The GT 500 series provides all the necessary features to accommodate the access needs of the elderly and physically challenged. This is the premier heavy duty, low energy conversion unit built to handle your light traffic requirements. This sturdy and durable unit allows operation in an automatic or manual mode.

Product Features:
• Easy manual operation
• Electronic or microprocessor control system
• Adjustable closing speeds for safety and energy savings
• Optional length headers for improved appearance
• Additional safety devices easily added

GT 710 Low Energy ADA Swing
GT System 710 operates in both automatic and manual modes. The access system features a 2 to 60 second hold – open range and a ‘push-n-go” feature for automatic opening when activated by a pedestrian.

*All features, components and accessories meet ANSI 156.19 standards. They are also CSA/CUL and UL approved and comply with ANSI 117.1 and the Low Energy Operator section of ADA ................ ................................ ...